ISO 9001:2008 Compliant

Full ISO 9001:2008 compliance manual and implementation

Quality Design and Review

3D AutoCad Inventor design with review for fit, function and manufacturability PE approvals for designs including Finite Element Analysis

The Right Team and Procedures

The right team with experience inspecting and ensuring compliance with a variety of tolerances and design requirements

Global Shop enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and project management and scheduling

ISIR, PPAP, PPVP, and CPK reporting capable

The Right Equipment and Tools

– Renishaw OMP60 probe inspection
– Multiple granite inspection tables
– Full range of precision calibrated micrometers and calipers
– Specialty micrometers for threads, internal measurements and more
– Precision calibrated height gages
– Hardness testers, paint mil gages
– Subcontract partners for laser and CMM detailed 3
rd party inspections – Providing 100% customer satisfaction and per spec parts since 1971