We have rebuilt entire process lines with hard to meet deadlines to get out customer up and going. We can redesign a line to meet your changing process and technology needs or to make the lines more ergonomic and user friendly. We also do a vast amount of construction equipment repair. Our specialty repair methods and knowledge in speciality coatings along with our background in tolerance and fitting help ensure your repair lasts longer.

Mixer Shaft Repair – Straighten, repair bearing journals and keywaysGear

Box and Housing Repair – repair bearing & bushing bores, repair cracked housing

Shaft Repair – Eccentric Shafts, specialty shafts – weld up and spray coatings

Roller Repairs – paper rollers, food rollers, press rollers, etc. (Truing, journal repair, etc)

Hydraulic Cylinder and Rod Rebuild- supplier of hydraulic fittings and custom hoses

Pitman and Jaw Base Repair – Repair bearing bores, repair jaw faces, etc.

Flywheel Repair – repair bearing bores

Eccentric Fitting Repairs – repair bad flanges and seals (see top middle picture below)

Axle Housing Repair – Repair bearing and thread areas, straighten, repair broken housing

Front Axle Repairs – repair king pin holes in front axles and spindles, install king pin bushing and inline hone for increased life

Transmission and Differential Case Repair –bearing and bushing bores

On-site welding: MIG, Stick, TIG – Aluminum, Stainless, Carbon –


– OEM Replacement Parts – Repair of damaged or worn parts


– Equipment Restoration/Rebuild –


– Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilds and Hydraulic Fittings and Custom Hoses –


– Custom Built Process Equipment –  


– Conveyor Rebuilds, Fabrication and Installation –


– Sand Blasting for equipment restoration –


– Portable In-line Boring (Certain Applications)-


– Part Drawing’s and File Management –

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