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- 12,000 foot addition with 10 ton crane capacity. Now with over 65,000 sq feet

- Lucas horizontal boring mill 120"x-axis x 98"y-axis x 48"z-axis x 29" spindle travel

- Doosan CNC mill with 4th axis

- Doosan CNC lathe with LIVE TOOLING and bar feeder

- Bistronic 6000 watt laser - can cut 1" stainless or carbon with highest quality available

- 332,832 kWH solar field

- All new state of the art Lincoln welders

- 3D printing capability and rapid prototyping

- New sheet metal and tube bending equipment and capabilities

- New Horizontal Boring Mill 120" x-axis x 98" z-axis x 29" spindle travel and 20 ton table capacity

- 12,000 sq. ft. addition with 10 ton crane capacity. Now with over 65,000 sq. ft. overall

- Bistronic 6000 Watt Laser - can cut 1" Stainless or Carbon with highest quality available.

- 332,832 KWH Solar Field

- 3 Vertical CNC Mills and a CNC Lathe

- All new state of the art Lincoln Welders

- 3D Printing Capability and Rapid Prototyping

- New Sheet Metal and Tube Bending Equipment and Capabilities


HWMI Capabilities




- Over 110 employees to service you.  Over 40 Craftsman many of whom have over 60 years and 100,000+ hours of experience in machine building, equipment repair, specialty repair, machining, fabrication, and material cutting and supply.





-Continued investment to ensure low cost and efficiencies for future value.  This includes upgrades to welders, traditional and CNC equipment, new technologies, and green investments such as relighting and a 300,000 kwh solar field.




Floor Space

- Over 65,000 Sq Ft of Building.  Assembly/Fabrication capabilities for assemblies over 275' long.  Contact us for all your large fabrications and projects.



Material Supply and Inventory

- We have much of the material needed for jobs on-hand and available the day of the job.  

- 3 Farm and Home Retail Locations  (see

- 1 Industrial Supply Store with a large inventory of carbon, stainless, and aluminum at HWMI



Material Handling

- Overhead crane system spanning over 275’ long with 18’ Hook Height and 10 ton capacity

- Network of overhead cranes and jib cranes throughout facility for efficient movement of material

- 12+ Forktrucks that move material up to 15,000 lbs




Material Cutting

- 6000 Watt Bistronic Laser with 5’x10’ Table (1” Carbon Steel / 1” Stainless Capacity)

- 6’x12’ CNC Plasma/acetylene oxyfuel table,

- Multiple handheld high powered plasma and acetylene torches and air arc machines, sheet metal shears

- Hemsaw VT130HA-60 Fully Automatic Vertical Bandsaw with 20”x24” capacity

- Automatic-band saws, hot saws, cold saws, special nibblers and material saws, and more.





- MIG, TIG, Stick, Spot - Carbon, Stainless, Aluminum, Composites

- On-Site MIG, TIG, and Stick for Stainless and Carbon

- Onsite MIG for Aluminum

- 15+ Welding Power Sources. - We run new Lincoln Electric Welders with pulse-on-pulse and power mode technology and inverter technology.  500+ amp units and more

- Automatic Weld Positioners and Rollers and other fixturing and weld process products

- Portable bore welder and boring machine 1.9” up to 10” bores up to 10" deep roughly 36" long outside to outside on faces




TURNING - CNC and Traditional Turning

- Milltronics CNC Lathe Technology with 18" chuck x 24" of travel x 48" between centers

- Monarch Lathe 60" dia. x 108" length (50" Over Carriage)

- LeBlond Lathe - 48" x 216" Length

- Using our Heavy Duty Steady Rests and Rollers we can machined shafts over 35 feet long as well as eccentric parts that require heavy duty equipment and custom fixturing.  

- Plus MANY other smart and traditional style lathes for projects of any size



MILLING - CNC Milling and Large Horizontal Boring and Facing

- CNC Lucas 40T1210 Horizontal Boring Mill with 20 ton table capacity and range of 120” x-axis x 98” y-axis, 5.1” Cat 50 spindle with 29” of travel.   32 tool changer and Fanuc 0i-MF Controller.

- Multiple smaller CNC Vertical Mills with capacity up to 40” x 20” x 18” on Z all purchased in last 10 years

- Traditional Horizontal Lucas Boring Mill - 4" Spindle, 84" Cross Travel, 74” on Y-axis, 60" Vertical with a 4” x 36” spindle

- Traditional Vertical No.4 Cincinnati Mill - 2" Column, 6" Cross travel, 14" Vertical

- Plus many other vertical and horizontal machining centers for jobs of any size




- Blanchard Grinding up to 36"

- Cylindrical Grinding 14" x 4'

- Surface Grinding 10" x 2'




- 50 Ton Hydraulic Press with 5'x2' capacity

- 150 ton 4' x 8 1/2'

- 90 ton pressbrake




- Pexto  Shear - 10' x 10 ga

- 1/4" x 3'




- 90 Ton Dreis and Krump Press Brake and Donwell Pressbrake -  10’ x 12 Gauge

  (Size Capabilities Depends on finish, tolerance, etc)     ¼” x 3’  5/8" over 4"



Metal Rolling

- 1/4" x 6' capacity hydraulic roller

- Hydraulic roll bender for angle, tubing, etc.

- Subcontract Partners for specialty rolling and larger capacities




CNC Laser and Plasma

- 6 x 12 up to 3/4" thick

- 5 x 10 6000 watt laser – up to 1” carbon / ¾” stainless

- 4 x 8 up to 12" thick oxyfuel

- Subcontracting Partners for Waterjet



HWMI Heat Treat

- Oven Dimensions:  Inside 8" Tall x 11 1/4" Wide x 16" Long

- Including entry way (from door to far side)  8" tall x 10" wide x 19" long

- Subcontracting partners for larger items that need heat treat or stress relieving, etc.




Painting, Sandblasting and Special Coatings

- Large Exhausted Paint Booth

- Various Size Sandblasters (Large capacity for big vehicles/equipment)

- Cleanroom for clean part drying

- In-house Spray Metalizing

- In-house Black Oxide Coating System

- Subcontracting partners for Powder Coating, Special Epoxy Coatings, Galvanizing, Nitriding, and other special coatings



In-House Shaft Repair (Welding & Spray Metalizing)

- Weldup of any shaft end or any diameter with automated weld positioners

- Spray Metalizing with buildup capabilities between 3/16"-1/4"


Trucking and Delivery

- Full fleet of trucks including full tractor-trailer combinations of flat bed and enclosed vans, and an array of delivery trucks with racks for steel delivery, etc.  



Please send all your quotes to Huffman's.  We have been building automated equipment and fabricated some of the largest projects in the Midwest for 45 years.  As an integrator of a variety of materials and processes we have developed an excellent team of subcontractors for everything from CNC Turning to Waterjet.  We quality inspect everything that is subcontracted and have excellent pricing due to the large volumes we re-sell.