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Stainless Finishes:


HWMI is an expert in polished stainless with almost 25% of our workforce working daily on polished stainless projects


Passivation - In-house passivation for small jobs and to protect each weld


Pickeling – in-house pickeling


Polishing - Polishing equipment with specialized finishes


Electropolishing / plating and more


Food grade finishes --- over 40 years building food grade equipment with a thorough     understanding of the variety of weld finishes / CIP (clean-in-place) designs and much more



Experienced in Standard Ra roughness and other finish callouts - 2B Finish / 4b brushed / 5b satin / 7b reflective / 7b mirror / 9b bead blast / 10b – electropolished  



We run the best Walter Surface Technologies equipment ensuring consistent finishes! 









In-House Services:

Blasting - variety of media available (experience with SSPC standards and specifications)


Wet Paint (full filtered paint booth) – experience in a variety of specifications and standards and various quality procedures.  We have worked with epoxies / poly-urethanes / alkyd’s and more.

We have quality procedures and can meet mil thickness requirements and more.


Black Oxide Ebonized Coating In-house


Passivation - Variety of stainless finishes and protective coatings with passivation of stainless welds and small jobs in-house


Weld-Up / Spray Metalizing for Repair Work


Deburring – vibratory deburring machine


Polishing - HWMI has provided various polished finishes on stainless and aluminum with a variety of specialized polishing equipment in-house.  



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A variety of options and services.

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PartnersPowder Coating --- we pickup/deliver from our powder coat supplier weekly on a standard route truck.  


ASTM A123 (or any ASTM specification) Hot Dipped Galvanizing with expediting next day turnarounds available


Zinc Coatings, Plasma Coatings, and Much More


Heat treating in-house and through a partner with quality documentation and testing reports available if requested

                            Induction / carburizing / case hardening / annealing (normalization) / nitride coatings / cryogenic treatment / and more







We can partner with you in the initial design phase of your project and consult our many highly experienced designers and engineers along with our expert heat treat partners to help determine the best material for the hardness or ductility you are trying to achieve.   We are experienced with almost all materials --- 4140 / 4140 PH / 4340HT / Stressproof 1144 / A2 / D2 / Nitronic / Safurex / 316 / 304 / Aluminum 3003 and 6061 / and many more!